Visiting a local Chinese restaurant, able to communicate in the language, shows a lot about the effects of language on our comfort in a foreign place. – by GRANT GOETTEL

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After a visit to the US Embassy in Belgrade and a meeting with Ambassador Scott, something seems off about American diplomatic strategy. – by MATT KIRSHNER

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Working at a refugee aid center can be difficult, especially knowing the brevity of your impact on those in need; but it can also teach valuable life lessons. – by SALLY WANG

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As Belgrade Waterfront, a massive foreign investment in the gentrification of a city neighborhood, breaks ground, one student does some snooping. – by MATT KIRSHNER

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Passing by the National Assembly every day on the way to work, one notices it’s missing something once thought vital. – by BRIAN ENGLAR

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As Serbia attempts to enter the EU, a monumental decision, the US government struggles over minor issues. – by GRANT GOETTEL

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