Overcoming the Balkan Legacy Through Sport

For a country which is still struggling to reconcile with its extremely nationalistic activities in the recent past, sport comes as a means to escape it all. — by SANJEEV DASGUPTA

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My Aversion to Salad

I have been worrying of how wrong my idea of Serbia may be when I leave here. I want it to be correct somehow, reflecting the time and effort I took to ask and listen and think, to imply that I have not judged or assumed but rather shown full respect and consideration of this part of the world I visited. — by CARMEN COX

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“From Serbia”

I feel that after living and functioning here for three weeks I have a greater understanding of what it means to say that I am from Serbia, whereas before it was something I said but didn’t really “own” the right to say. — by DEJANA SARIC

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Foggy Windows

A week later, I belatedly realized that despite all my efforts, I was still looking at Serbia through the Americanized lens. It’s like looking through a fogged up window, except this fog keeps coming back to hide the outside world. All I can do is remember to wipe away the liquid drops from time to time. — by SUSIE XU

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Productivity is so great, right? Yet here we are, as productive as ever with our smartphones and tablets and whatnot, and yet we’re some of the most obese, depressed, and addicted people in history. — by DUSTIN HADFIELD

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