Have A Seat

Contributed by Alan Makhoul. Check out more of their posts from this summer here.

Several splinters, a mild sunburn, and many hours later, it was finally finished. I had been working on it for several days. Progress occurred gradually at first but as I acquired the proper tools, I could finally begin to see my piece take shape. People mercilessly plop their bodies onto them, but I can’t help but to cherish mine. In my eyes, the chair that I made from old, unwanted wooden pallets was fit for a king (or at least the court jester).

Photo Cred: Alan Makhoul
Just a boy and his chair. Photo Cred: Alan Makhoul

Naša Kuća, the organization with which I volunteer, plans to open a special type of restaurant in the coming months – a restaurant staffed by people with mental disabilities that serves both the general public and those who are less fortunate. One of the primary hurdles to opening this restaurant has been procuring the furnishings and décor. That’s where I come in with my wooden chair. Naša Kuća has received several dozen wooden pallets through donation and I am working to turn these pallets into furniture – chairs, small tables, anything my imagination conjures up.

Making that chair was so much fun. Designing it, figuring out the precise measurements for each piece of wood, and improvising with the available tools all brought out my inner geek. Also, on a deeper level, recycling unwanted materials into a repurposed piece is surprisingly satisfying.

Until Next Time,
Alan Makhoul


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