We can’t selectively numb, folks. No matter how great you think you are at shutting yourself out from just one thing, you just can’t do it. You can’t cut out the bad without cutting out the good. We have to feel it all. — by DUSTIN HADFIELD

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External Validation

If you are not seen, it’s like you’re not here at all. — by DUSTIN L. HADFIELD

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Productivity is so great, right? Yet here we are, as productive as ever with our smartphones and tablets and whatnot, and yet we’re some of the most obese, depressed, and addicted people in history. — by DUSTIN HADFIELD

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The Victor

Productivity and power are pinnacles of American culture, and to us, anyone who acts disproportionately to this set of capitalistic mores is either crazy or depressed (or both). — by DUSTIN L. HADFIELD

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